Get the scoop on …


world and National News

The Intercept
Always taking a deep dive into issues. Co-founded by investigative reporters Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill.

The New York Times
The “paper of record” in the United States.

The Guardian (U.S. edition)
For a different perspective on the news. Slightly more even-handed treatment of the issues.

In These Times
News that leans pro-labor.



Illinois Issues
From NPR. You can read the articles and listen to the audio version.

Capitol Fax
Rich Miller is keeping up on everything in Springfield. Updated religiously.

The Center Square/Illinois
Public interest journalism from the taxpayer’s perspective.



Ken Rudin’s Political Junkie
This guy has been around the block and then some. Never partisan, always informative.

On the Media
A clear-eyed look at the news and how it’s presented.

From the Center for Investigative Journalism. An eye-opening, cutting edge take on the issues.